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I’ve added HD screencaptures of last night episode of The Big Bang Theory. Enjoy!

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Television Works > The Big Bang Theory > Season Eight > Screencaptures > 8×16 – The Intimacy Acceleration


God is coming to Broadway, whether you like it or not—and chances may favor the former, considering that the deity is being inhabited by the star of one of TV’s most popular sitcoms.

Jim Parsons dons the white robe and ostensible sandals of God—or some version of God—as interpreted by David Javerbaum, a formerThe Daily Show scribe/producer and the playwright of the forthcoming Broadway play An Act of God. Under the direction of two-time Tony winner Joe Mantello, the pious comedy opens May 28 at Studio 54—yes, Sally Bowles and history’s most famous celebrity will inhabit the same dressing room.

Javerbaum is the first to admit that the religious act is all in good fun, despite his measured success channeling the fictional, digital-savvy immortal. In 2010, the 13-time Emmy winner created the popular Twitter account @TheTweetofGod in conjunction with the book he was writing at the time, The Last Testament: A Memoir by God. By the time the book debuted in 2011 (to positive reviews, no less; EW called it “the ultimate telleth-all”), the account had developed a strong following. “People seemed to like the premise of me tweeting as God and doing it unapologetically in the voice of a character that I felt was an approximation of what I felt the Old Testament God would sound like if He was tweeting,” explains Javerbaum.


The Big Bang Theory is a great comedy. A wonderful comedy. But it also can make you cry and emotionate. Enjoy the HD screencaptures of last night movie tribute to Mrs. Wolowitz. We’ll miss you, weird voice!!!

Gallery link:
Television Works > The Big Bang Theory > Season Eight > Screencaptures > 8×15 – The Comic Book Store Regeneration