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The gallery was updated with HQ stills and HD screencaptures from The Big Bang Theory 22nd episode of the series. Enjoy!

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Television Works > The Big Bang Theory > Season Eight > Screencaptures > 8×22 – The Graduation Transmission


Actor Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory” will return to his old school on Saturday as he and other alumni are recognized by the University of San Diego.

Parsons, a four-time Emmy winner and Golden Globe winner, is one of 12 alumni who will receive the Author E. Hughes Award for Outstanding Career Achievement.

The actor earned his master of fine arts degree from the Old Globe/University of San Diego graduate theater program in 2001.

Local honorees include former U.S. Attorney Karen Hewitt, whose office achieved a record number of convictions in areas such as national security and financial crime from 2007 to 2010.

The school also will recognize Matthew Reno, the founder and CEO of Reno Contracting, Lee Sorensen, a successful businessman who promotes economic development and prevent mass atrocities in Somalia as a director of the One Earth Future Foundation, and Barbara Driscoll, a lung health researcher at the University of Southern California and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.


Everything you need to know about the Big Bang Theory star, who is also playing God in a new Broadway show.

Jim Parsons is the warm, well-mannered, Houston-raised gent who, at 42, has spent the past eight years atop CBS’s prime-time-pummeling sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The show’s record-breaking ratings are in large part thanks to the self-described theater geek, who makes his physicist character, Sheldon Cooper, endearing in spite of a social aversion, a Star Trek obsession, and a superiority complex. (You try charming nearly 20 million viewers with a smarty-pants line about Newton’s gravitational constant.) His work has led to four Emmys, one Golden Globe, and a trio of Broadway roles—the latest being in An Act of God, the humorous one-act play written byThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart alum David Javerbaum, which opens on May 28 at Studio 54. In anticipation of his upcoming stage project, and The Big Bang Theory’s season finale next month, a scroll of certainties about the face of America’s favorite comedy series.


Jim Parsons seems tailor-made for the role of Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. But a new Vanity Fair interview reveals Parsons had considered quite a different career path before acting caught his interest. Parsons, now 42, was so enthralled by the weather as a child that he had a favorite television weatherman, Neil Frank. When he got to the University of Houston, he enrolled in a class on meteorology.

Neil Frank retired from Houston’s KHOU Channel 11 in 2008. He had been with the station for 21 years. Prior to that, he spent 25 years at the National Hurricane Center, according to a profile in Houston History Magazine. That would have been many years for Parsons to watch Dr. Frank and, apparently, get some career inspiration. The Vanity Fair article notes that Parsons watched the coverage of Hurricane Alice in 1983 with great interest.


A couple of days ago Jim was guest to Grace Helbig Show. I’ve collected some photos and a video interview from it. Enjoy!

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