Sheldon Loves Coffee TOO!

I guess I have sensitive taste buds, I notice even the slightest changes in the taste or the after taste of my cup of coffee. There is even a distinct aroma that each type of beans or powder has. I want to try them all. All the way from Coffea Arabica to Coffea Robusta. I guess I’ve pretty much made it my life goal. I don’t mind saving up my hard earned money just to blow it all away on the things I love ; My Family, Mr Jim and My Coffee.

You have them all. There is never a dull moment when it comes to experimenting with semi-automatic espresso machines. A slight fiddle with the process can produce a totally new potion.

Well now. I don’t really know if people genuinely love coffee or if coffee is just a passing trend. I was surfing the net the other day and came across an article about coffee culture. You know, the culture where people visit cafes with dingy lighting, overpriced coffee and bad indie music. Well, it is part of a trend so I don’t really have the right to judge. However, unlike them I genuinely love coffee. I want to understand its chemistry, its addictive taste and its volatile nature. The only way you can truly do that is becoming your own barista.

Get a semi-automatic espresso machine and start learning through doing. It will be tough but trust me on this. IT WILL BE WORTH EVERY SECOND.

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