If you truly want to feel like a chef in your own kitchen and receive three Michelin starts from your loves ones, simply make sure that you buy the best kitchen knives. Even when you are following simple recipes or going with the flow of your passion for food, this simple tool can make all the difference in the world.

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The Cook’s Knife Is A Worthy Ally

For those of you who want to feel like a true superstar in the kitchen choose an eight-inch cook’s knife and you will definitely carve, slice and chop in no time. Of course, for the best results, it should always have a razor-like sharpness. No one wants to wait an hour for a basic salad. In addition, a cook’s knife is like a close friend whom you would like to keep by your side in the years to come. This is why a high-carbon stainless steel blade is, by definition, mandatory.

The Handle Is Just As Vital As The Blade

Not all of us are masters in handling sharp objects without creating a mess or two and be a danger not only to ourselves but also to the ones around us. Most cook’s knives nowadays are well equipped in order to help you avoid any unpleasant situations and emergencies. An ergonomic handle will keep your cook’s knife in check, in the safety net of your hand. Another helper in this situation is a finger guide for safety.

More Kitchen Knives, More Power

If you plan on cooking on a daily basis you can always purchase three, five or nine piece cook’s knife sets. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, dedicated to serve your every appetite craving. Once you have chosen the perfect cook’s knife for you please keep in mind that you will also need a knife sharpener, preferably one with a
no-slip grip.

Put The Bad Boys On Display Or Hide Them ?

If you have purchased a professional cook’s knife set, why not display them and impress your guests? Nowadays, you can find a large variety of beautiful wooden and metallic holders. In case you have children around the house, make sure the knives do not seem too appealing on your kitchen stand. Better to put them away in a drawer somewhere until they reach puberty. The kids, I mean.

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My favorite brand of kitchen knives

Wusthof brand is one of my favorite brand of knives, with my love of cooking I find it the most reliable and affordable knife. It comes with the classic and the gourmet sets which are a great addition to my kitchen. Now, I don’t want to be biased, but I find that having a good brand knife in the kitchen makes a big difference. I discovered the wusthof brand of knives after trying to cut tomatoes, and the knife could not go through.
The classic and gourmet designed knives are of similar designs. Made from stainless steel, they are rust resistant as well as all knives feature a high carbon metal design. With strong blade knives from Wusthof are safe to use in the home. Its blade is sharp, and you can easily cut through a piece of meat without feeling like the force will break the handle.

The classic line is the best knives from the Wusthof brand because its durability which I might add has been tested over the years. While we can compare prices this line is a bit more expensive than the gourmet designs because of its full tang design. The gourmet knife is a low-end knife if you are tight on budget but make sure you buy the stamped blade, not a forged one. Even if it is a bit cheaper, the gourmet knife from Wusthof is a great addition to my knife collection.

A good knife is an investment for anyone who spends more time cooking than literally eating the food. The best knives from Wusthof, the classic and gourmet sets as well as other well-designed knives have made my life easier. Next am going for the seven piece starter kit which comprises of four knives, shears and honing steel to keep them sharp.

Buying Kitchen Equipment Safe For Your Health Is Extremely Important. Did your health doctor tell you that your recent disease is due to metal reactivity from your food? Until you faced with the decision to pick a cookware set for your home, you never realize how tough things can get. Mostly this occurs to people that would like to replace their old cookware sets or have relocated to a new place.

There are many cookware sets out there in the market and it is tough to tell the best one by simply looking at it. My young cousin was moving to college and the honor to do her shopping was mine. There was no vote really because I won by acclamation. They say I’m addicted to shopping but I think it is an exaggeration. However, I know every store teller on a first name basis and a few managers too. Therefore, there was no pressure as all I had to do was get her the best quality at reasonable price.

Since health is a large concern for a lot of people nowadays, kitchen supplies also count in that issue. High quality brands make sure to comply to the health and safety standards, while others don’t even consider it. Buying kitchen equipment safe for your health is extremely important, and Stainless Steel tops the charts for health safety. So, if you want to know what stainless steel cookware is and which one to buy, this article tells you exactly what you want! So, let’s dig right into it!

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What is stainless steel cookware?

As you can think from the name, a stainless steel cookware is cookware made of stainless steel. The cookware is extremely durable and does not chip like non-stick pans and pots. Their longevity value is also greater than other types, which include ceramic and earthenware. They are rust proof and aluminium-free, and do not react with food materials. This ensures safe and healthy meals for you and your whole family!

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Heim Concept Stainless Steel Cookware

There are two types, the premium stainless steel cookware and budget stainless steel cookware sets. Before you enter the store looking for a set you should consider your budget, cooking habit and the size of pans you require. That said I top my list with Heim Concept stainless steel cookware set. This 12-Piece set has glass lids for every item that enable you to monitor yours cooking. It includes three casseroles, a fry pan and a sauce pan. The bottom is designed for heat distribution and looks stylish.

All-Clad Cookware Set

All-Clad BD005710-R cookware set is an excellent cookware set. This 10-piece set is one of the best stainless steel cookware sets I have used. Induction cooking allows for even heat distribution. Its material is warp-resistant, stick-resistant thus non-reactive to your food. It would have topped my list but it is a bit pricy. A wise investment if you ask me. KitchenAid Gourmet stainless steel cookware set. It is a 10-Piece set and has an encapsulated aluminum base. It has silicone handles and fitted lids that are very safe to use. It is safe for dishwasher and oven.

Cuisinart & Calphalon

I cannot conclude unless I mention Cuisinart MCP-12N stainless steel cookware Set and Calphalon Contemporary cookware set. They are 12-peace and 13-piece sets respectively. These best stainless steel cookware sets are durable and very easy to care for. Finding the best stainless steel cookware sets for your kitchen is a great milestone. As long as you prioritize your necessities, you are bound to be fine with the set you decide to settle on.

Sometime back, I never knew grass would make me a glass of nutritious juice. In fact, I had never imagined its possibility. The moment I realized that it was indeed possible, I decided to give it a try using a range of electric wheatgrass juicers available in the market. At the beginning, some of the wheatgrass juicers I purchased proved to be a bit disappointing and I honestly hated making grass juice as a result.

green juice advocate

However, I am the kind of cook who will not lose hope that easily. Continued making a hefty investment on various grass juicers since I wanted to get the best out of them. Eventually, I got the best. I got those that make me that greenish health-promoting juices full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

The following are the best electric wheatgrass juicers I have used;


I am a quality enthusiast especially when it comes to electric juicers. Being the highest rated grass juicer in the market, the Omega 8006 nutrition center has been the best I have used since I became a wheat grass juice fanatic. This juicer uses a very slow masticating method which ensures zero-clogging, heat build-up or foaming hence I am able extract vast yields of juice even from the thinnest grasses.

Whenever I want to make toothsome juices from wheat grass, leaves, herbs and other grasses, this juicer never disappoints. The main advantage that comes with this juicer is the fact that it can do more than creating juices from grass. I can also make juices from fruits and vegies conveniently, a feature that makes this astounding machine unique. Armed with a powerful motor that assures me of efficiency and an auto-pulp ejector that guarantees continuous juicing, this is one juicer that gives me the best whenever a crowd of friends throng my house during the weekends.


A great grass juicer for me is one that displays ease of cleaning and maintenance. As far as this is concerned, I am able to easily dissemble, clean, and reassemble this machine in a matter of minutes. This makes it look more beautiful each and every juicing day. Crafted with a stainless steel auger, this is undoubtedly the most durable juicer I have come across. This feature also makes it the most aesthetically appealing equipment I have in my kitchen.

My kitchen is the most integral part of my kitchen hence I strive each and every day to make it the best place. Space is of essence since I believe it makes my kitchen look great and also gives me ultimate kitchen comfort. This juicer is made of a compact and highly innovative design that ensures it takes the smallest counter space, hence ensuring I get the best out of my limited kitchen space.

This juicer comes with a one year warranty which is a big deal considering it is a machine prone to a range of malfunctions. This is a juicer that ensures I spend nothing at all in maintenance. Grass juicers are important in ensuring we live a healthy life. The above are the best wheat grass juicers I have used. They have contributed to the healthy person I am today.

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