I’m a big fan of Jim in the show the Big Bang Theory. He plays a character named Sheldon Cooper. And, he mentioned a surprisingly theory in one of the episodes. It stuck with me for quite a while now. For example, what if you wanted a tattoo? Or, what if you wanted to date someone? but you don’t actually know whether it is the right thing to do. That’s when the Schrodinger’s Cat theory comes into play.

Watch this short clip where our beloved Jim explains it all.

The way he portrays this stuck up, annoying, insensitive but extremely smart character is simply spectacular. The show first aired in 2007 and has been running for almost 9 years. It’s an insightful and informative show that you should check out.

Back to Schrodinger’s Cat. If you come across a situation in life where you don’t feel choosing is the right thing to do, you could just weasel your way out of it. There’s no shame in doing so…

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